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Sure, if you're a Leo, you're likely to share many Leo traits that are similar to other Leos. But in Astrology, there are many nuances that add great depth and complexity to your planetary placements. One such nugget of gold are Decans. If you understand Triplicity in Astrology, then you can grasp what a Decan is.

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Triplicity is a fancy term to explain the different elements in our zodiac. Triplicity is a group of three signs triple that belong to the same element.

Now, it's important to remember that there are thirty degrees in every sign -- no matter what sign we're talking about. And finding out your unique degrees is easy -- just run an Essential Birth Report. Decans are a nifty way of breaking down the qualities of each individual sign by separating each one into thirds of ten degrees each.

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Every sign will have three Decans and each Decan has a planetary ruler which becomes the co ruler of that particular sign. By knowing which Decan a planet or other point in your horoscope is in, you can learn more information about its story and how it may affect your psyche. Every Decan must belong to the same Triplicity element as the sign itself. Decans are arranged in the exact order they would appear in the natural zodiac wheel.

If we use Aries as an example, we can see that the first Decan of any planet in Aries will apply for the first ten degrees. The first Decan of any sign will correspond to the exact sign, giving it an extra pure expression of that particular energy.

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If you have a planet between ten and twenty degrees of Aries however, there is a slight change. This month you will get to spend more time with your children if you have children or creating. You will feel powerful, even in your personal life!

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Open your heart to the loved one and make sure you please your partner with flowers, earings or DVDs and shirts for men Your emotional life will be stable but you will enjoy working a lot and deal with your daily life. Mercury will boost your intellect and you are very efficient at work, especially if you are in the fields of trade and communication.

My Daily Horoscope - Gemini - 1st decan

You aren't afraid to work too much because you are quite creative. However make sure you aren't too arrogant. Natal Report Your personality based on the analysis of your natal chart.

Synastry The comparative analysis of both charts in your relationship. Forecasts Transits Your astrology forecasts dated from the analysis of your planetary transits. Solar return Your annual astrology forecasts from the analysis of birthday and natal charts. This month you will meet people who will make you work more than usually but who will also support you with your activities. Mars is in harmony with your Sun in the week of